Final Farewell

So  this is the end… I am blessed that I was able to take this course and I have learned so much about electronic literature.

Before this class, I was very green to the idea of Electronic Literature. When I first enrolled in this class, I was eager to learn what Electronic Literature was. I always to to try new things, and I had zero idea what Electronic Literature was and even how to create an Electronic Literary piece. I had blogged before for other class but not as how we blogged in this course. I am grateful for taking this course because I have learned and experienced quite a lot.

There were a lot of takeaways that I was fortunate enough to take away from my time in this course. One take-away that I took from this class was that I was able to create my own blog, and keep up with it, for the most part. As I said before, I have created blogs for different classes before at Kean, but I was given a strict rubric about what to write about and these topics would never interest me. In this class, I was able to express my opinion in the words I saw fit. When I become a teacher, I plan on blogging a lot more and implementing blogging strategies into my teaching. When I blog, I feel I am able to express myself a lot more through writing rather than speaking.

Another take away that I took from this class was that I was able to create my own electronic literary piece. At first, I was very nervous about creating my piece. For a long time, I was unsure of what I was going to write about. Fortunately, I was paired with the perfect group to workshop with and they helped me immensely with getting all my information centered and how I would go about creating my electronic literary piece. I was able to come up with my topic of my E-Lit piece and what tool was going to work best with my piece and it was all because of my group.

I developed new skills and knowledge about the world of Electronic Literature. One skill that I developed in this course was the use of Prezi when I was creating my electronic literature piece. I have never used Prezi before but I knew it would be useful with the structure of my E-Lit piece. I was able to navigate through Prezi pretty easily and soon enough I was able to put my electronic literature piece together. I feel that Prezi was a great fit for my electronic piece because I wanted the the feel of “zooming into” my piece to uncover the story.

One thing I learned about electronic literature in this course is that electronic literature is very interactive and it is considered “literature”. For example, in our class, we covered an electronic piece called Icarus Needs. At first, I thought that this electronic piece was just a video game. It had the feel of a video game which made me question if it was literature or not. When I actually went through the piece, I found that there was a storyline and characters that had human characteristics so, it can be considered Electronic Literature. I would have never know that electronic literature could be fun and interactive if it was not for this course.

Another thing I learned in this class was that electronic literature pieces can bring light to events in Electronic Literature history that people, like myself, would not normally know about. For example, I presented the electronic literary piece called Quing’s Quest VII: The Death of Videogames.  This interactive fiction piece was created during a time where feminists and people who advocated for diversity in video games were being accused of “ruining” The gaming industry. Quing’s Quest was created by Dietrich Squinkifer, who is a transgender male. Talk about diversity there! This piece is fun and interactive, there is also a somber tone to this piece that is dedicated to the “Social Justice Warriors” and the pain and struggles these gamers went through to make the gaming industry the way it is today.

The absolute best part about this course was the diversity of students in the class. In my class, there were undergraduates, like myself, graduates, and international students. I liked this diversity of students because the graduate students would help the undergraduate students and we were all able to help each other, despite our educational levels. Our class was semi-small so, we were able to make connections with other people and be able to see different writing styles of everyone and see what we could integrate into our own writing.

Now that I have taken this course, I feel that I am a stronger student in the area of Electronic Literature. I have a better self-confidence level because I know that I can create a piece of electronic literature and know what tools I can use to get my message across. I am now now able to set deadlines and follow-through my assignments. This class has taught me better time management skills because there would be projects, such as our presentation and our own electronic pieces, that I had to plan out so I would do it all last minute. I truly enjoyed being in this course and I am glad that I “came through”.

If I could give myself a grade in this course, I would give myself a B. I feel like a B would be a sufficient grade because even though I came into this class three weeks later than everyone else, I feel that I have proven myself. I worked as hard as I could so I could get on the same level as my classmates. I was able to come over obstacles in this class and was able to succeed. I would personally like to thank Dr. Zamora as well. Thank you, Dr. Zamora for letting me into your class and believing in me so that I could succeed


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