Update: Finding Abigail

I was opening the My Hands, Wishful Thinking and I was not able to download the file. But, in other news I was finally able to finalize a program that I will use. I will be using Prezi to present my E-Lit piece. I feel that Prezi goes more with the flow of my idea for the piece. I have also given my characters names and have a story-line.

My two characters are Mark and Abigail. Abigail is a young, 24 year old, who has a job as a teacher in a local elementary school. She have never had the time for relationships and past relationships have left her questioning if she will ever find love. Now she is ready to start up the dating scene again.

Enter Mark.

Mark is a wealthy contractor. Eight years her senior, Mark is everything Abigail could hope for, and of course, so much more. I express her feelings about Mark and her relationship taking off in the piece I am writing, which will be featured in different sections that the readers will be able to click on and read.

I am changing the opening image to a diary where Abigail has written down journal entries. Then, I will move to the image of the house, as the story moves forward.

As I start to put the images in, it will become easier and I can see where things work best.


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